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                        Free Montessori Materials Downloads


                   READING AND LANGUAGE

Pre-Primer Lowercase Matching Set

Scissor Practice

Vegetable Vocabulary Cards: Nomenclature Cards

Blue Reading Dominos Set 1

Mirror Cards (C-V-C reading practice)

Sight Word Activities Pre- Primer Hand Flashcards

Pink Level Reading Phonetic Bingo Set 1

Color Word Flashcards

Shape and Sight Word Scavenger Hunt

Letter-Recognition Matching Cards

Kids Joke Cards 

Finger Labeling Activity (labeling parts of a finger)  

"Today Is.." Beginning Writing Prompt Journal Paper

Beginning- Alphabetizing Work

"Number of Syllables" Cards

Blue Level Phonetic Noun Cards

Building Sentences  (instructions click here)


Red and Blue Rods with Number Cards

Equivalent Liquid Measurement Cards

Divisibility Cards

Sorting Number Cards

Percent of a Number Cards

Place Value Mission (see blog entry here)

Tangram Pieces and Pattern Work

How Many? Game Instructions

Counting Arrangement Game Instructions

Congruent Figures

Equivalent Fraction Matching

Fractional Part Addition


Diffusion Science Experiment 1

Diffusion Science Experiment 2

Thirsty Carnation (absorption) experiment

Thirsty Carnation explanation

Science Observation Sheet (young child)

Science Observation Sheet (older child)

Diffusion Experiment explanation

Solar System Sequencing/Patterning Cards

Vertebrates and Invertebrates

Moon Phase 3-Part Cards

Simple Machines 3-Part Cards

Hope you enjoy the selection of free Montessori materials! I usually add at least 2-4 free materials a month.